Guiding the Sixmilewater River in County Antrim

Stevie Munn Sixmilewater

If you want to fish somewhere you haven't been to before, then a Guide like Stevie can make all the difference between success and failure.

The Sixmilewater River in County Antrim is a highly productive river that enters Lough Neagh at Antrim Town. Stevie grew up fishing this river and knows it intimately. There is good river trout fishing throughout the season which runs in N. Ireland from March to the end of October.  Later in the season it has runs of Salmon and Dollaghan, a Trout which behaves in a similar way to a Sea Trout but instead of going to sea it runs to Lough Neagh which is the largest freshwater lake in the UK, covering a mammoth 153 sq. miles (400 sq. km). The Dollaghan grow in many ways similar to Salmon up to 2lb or 3lb every year while in the Lough due to the feeding there, this makes them one of the biggest wild Brown trout with many specimens being caught most seasons.

Stevie will help you chose the right place to fish, make sure you have the right equipment and use the right techniques. On top of that he will provide transport, lunch if needed and an endless supply of fishing knowledge, talk and enthusiasm.

Stevie is a Professional Angling Instructor/Guide from Co. Antrim in N. Ireland.

Stevie is a fully qualified angling guide and fly casting instructor. He was put though his National Angling Guide Certificate to help develop tourism in angling as part of the funding from the EU Peace & Reconciliation Programme, and Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure, to help upgrade and maintain the Sixmile Water.

Stevie holds full Public Liability Insurance & Basic First Aid, as required by the Angling Governing Bodies.


Johnny Kerr  guided by Stevie

Jim Lees guided by Stevie


"Thank you very much indeed for your part in making last week's Norway trip such a success for me and for also making it great fun.

You are a great fishing guide and very good company."
Mike Wharmby 16/09/19


"It wasn't about catching BIG Brown Trout. It wasn't about the opportunity to catch a lot of Brown Trout. It wasn't about even having a claim to catching truly wild Brown Trout. If anything, it was about.. a spiritual journey that can't be quite explained. It was about "going home" - if you can call "home" as some place you haven't visited in 23 years."

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Stevie’s knowledge of fishing and fly casting is top notch, from the trout streams and Loughs of his native Ireland, to the Salmon, Steelhead and beauty of the wilds all over the world, his passion, enthusiasm and infectious humour make this guy one of the "must fish with" guides on the planet.
Ian Gordon. (World Famous Spey Caster and Scottish Guide.)

This man is the best. Period. I'd like to leave a review that is helpful and at the same time, my own experiences on the Six Mile Water. look. if you're a raw beginner, or if you think you are an expert. you will learn from Stevie. He will work his butt off to get you fish. I regret I cannot fish with Stevie every day. If I could, I would. The man is a wizard. He is so dedicated to his own skills, but also teaching his skills. But not only is he an awesome guide and instructor, he is so very pleasant, funny and awesome. I have fly fished with A LOT of great people in the world. Fly fishing with Stevie again is on my bucket list. It should be on your bucket list too. There really is none better. 
Ian Hugh Scott (Ontario Canada)

I have had the pleasure of having Stevie as a guide in both N. Ireland and Norway, not only a master of his craft but informative and patient with his clients, somehow managing to master that thin line between putting you in the right place at the right time and yet never getting in your way. Massively humorous and yet humble in his manner I have always found fishing with Stevie not so much like fishing with a guide but more like spending a day on the river with your friend, a true gent and a pleasure to fish with anywhere.
Marc Light (Scotland)

Stevie seemed to know the position of every stone on the river bed. I was shown the places to wade safely and lies for good trout. An extensive local knowledge of the river and flies to use ensured a cracking day's fishing which has helped me enjoy my local river more than I would have believed possible. Couldn't recommend highly enough.
Ian Gough (N. Ireland)

Hi Stevie,
I had a great day thank you. Later in the summer I'd like to get another day with you, to spend some time learning about the entomology side of things, and learning what flies to use at different times of the day and year - and fishing as well obviously, I was fascinated by the way you predicted & identified the hatch etc. and would like to be able to do that type of thing. I'll certainly be recommending you and the Sixmile water.
Nick (England)




Billy Connelly guided by Stevie


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