Pheasant rump patches are available dyed in a wide range of colours and provide a wealth of feathers for tailing and hackling flies

Handy, select rump patches from pheasants, providing long fibers suitable for many larger fly patterns.

These give you the opportunity to use a specific type of hackle according to your needs, without the need to buy an entire skin.
Beautifully dyed in a range of colours, or simply natural. Ideal for Leg and Tail Imitations

Available in 14 colours

Colours Available: Natural, Black, Red, Flo Yellow, Purple, Sunburst, Magenta, Claret, Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Royal Blue, King Fisher Blue, Natural Black & Firey Brown

Note: Chevron Hackles prepare these products to the highest standards using environmentally safe products.  However these are natural products which will vary in size and colour.  Dyed items are all dyed to our own specific colour charts to give the best results, however the natural variation in colour of the raw materials will alter the final colour achieved.

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Cock Pheasant Rump Patch

  • £14.25

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