About Cadence Fly Fishing

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Cadence brings the successful Fishing formula to the world of fly fishing, with brand-new ranges of Cadence Fly Fishing rods, reels and lines. The direct selling model allows us to bring high end performance fly fishing rods, with the very best components and materials to anglers at a sensible price.

Ian Gordon and Stevie Munn head the fly design team and have been associated with the design and sales of some of the world’s most successful fly-fishing products. As well as a wealth of knowledge and respect in the marketplace, they are also lifelong passionate fly-fishers themselves and bring an abundance of experience to this exciting new project.

Development began in the Spring of 2020 when Ian and Stevie joined Cadence. After almost two years of development, the range now feature both double-handed and single-handed fly rods as well as reels and lines.


Our new and exhilarating signature ranges


The range of rods covers small streams to large rivers to windswept reservoirs, still waters and loughs. If your passion is precise dry fly fishing, tactical nymphing, wet fly fishing or streamer fishing you will find a rod that is perfectly suited for your needs.

Using the highest-quality blanks which are constructed from a blend of the finest quality materials and our unique T-Mesh method of construction ensuring rods are lightweight, slim and strong and optimizing graphite to resin technology.

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Giving Back

The Cadence promise of ‘giving back’ to fishing communities, clubs and schools, to promote fishing and a love of the great outdoors.

Quality & Value

Never compromise on quality. Using the best in Fly rod technology  and through the Cadence business model we aim to achieve fantastic value for our customers


Cadence has a reputation for fantastic customer service and each rod comes with a genuine no nonsense guarantee.

Brand Ambassadors
As well as working close with Ian Gordon and Stevie Munn to develop our initial range, Cadence Fly Fishing products have been tested by a team of Brand Ambassadors across the UK and Ireland. We’ll be adding more details about our Cadence Fly Fishing Brand Ambassadors over the coming seasons.
Our high-quality blanks are constructed from the highest quality contemporary technology and materials,
ensuring rods are lightweight, slim, and strong.

We offer various rod packaging options such as a Cordura tube, Aluminium, tube through to
a bespoke fitted case. We use of the highest quality materials and components including AAA cork,  guides,
Alps reel seats - the finish is simply stunning!

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